New Swarovski Crystal Electric LacquerPRO

The neon-like palette of the Crystal Electric LacquerPRO Family delivers a high-voltage sparkle like no other.
The inspiration comes from an exuberant tropical spectrum- a heightened sense of color that transforms the performer into a vibrant bird of paradise. It’s a strategy focused on ensuring that the dancer captures-and holds-an audience from the second they step into the spotlight. The aim is to drench the senses in color, exuberant prints, densely encrusted crystals, and materials that move. The result is phenomenal tactile designs.
The designs are mesmerizing. They bridge the gap between stage and judging panel with myriad new creative possibilities, enhancing a costume’s competitive advantage.
The John Bead collection linked here.


GoodFelt – A New Beading Foundation!

We are very excited to announce a new beading foundation. We called it GoodFelt, but after you see what designers created using it, you might want to rename it Great Felt!
Bookmark this page to see all the designer samples! (11 of 12 posted)

Anne Marie Desaulniers sent us this spectacular beaded pendant with some of the best french knots we’ve ever seen!

Swarovski Wild West Jacket Project

Take a tip from the catwalk: lasso some Wild West style and get it into your closet fast, because we’re going cowgirl this season. Make a start by adding a bit of wild-at-heart fringing to your jacket for an urban version of the American West.

The step by step from Swarovski is linked here.

Carrier Beads, Polymer Clay Fruit and Resin

This whimsical and fruity bracelet was achieved by adding polymer clay fruit slices to carrier beads.

Carrier beads have been trending in the beading world for some time as designers continue to showcase them covered in seed beads.


This necklace is a perfect example of what you can do with the beads.  (see link to purchase the pattern by clicking above image)

I really like the beads as they are.  I have been referring to them as “chicklets” a type of gum I like.  I decided to slice some polymer clay resin canes really thin so I could decorate a few of the beads.

I glued my slices to one side of 9 beads.  A day or two later I decided to just fill in a few of the open areas with crystals.

My bracelet now has some plain carrier beads and some fruity designs.  I think it is always nice to personalize a design with a few unusual components.

The Perfect Day – Novelty Glow in The Dark Pendant!

We have a limited selection of these glow in the dark pendants.

This unique dried flowers pendant is special because it has the ability to light up.
The video below shows it in action.
We know the lights will not last forever, so happily many people will love the pendant as is, and not realize it can glow.  Batteries can be replaced.  They last about three hours in total “on” time.