December 7, 2023
Your personal touch is “just a Klik away” with the launch of our new product range cleverly titled “Klik.” Sensational new looks can be created and then modified with interchangeable jewelry.
Jewelry can be quickly assembled by the DIYer looking for a unique and coordinated jewelry line to craft with.
Established jewelers are going to love our exclusive bezel snap which is ready to be filled with just about anything.  

The options to wear your Klik snaps are also plentiful!  We have stretch band rings, earrings (several designs), pendants, combo pendants, connectors, sliders, clasps, and toggles.  The leather options include bracelets, cuffs, and key fobs in a dazzling array of colours!

An exclusive addition is our Metal Complex snap bezel blank in two sizes.  These are for the DIY crafter and designers who want to create their own snaps using cabochons, glue, resin, and epoxy clays.  We’ll be featuring many how-to projects on the blog highlighting this truly unique and exclusive design.